Alexy Pitt is the Founder and CEO of Lucrazon, Ecommerce System and Merchant Services Provider. As the Company's CEO, he focuses his energy on product development, marketing, and business expansion opportunities. He is a payment industry veteran, with a proven track record of 20 years.

Prior to Lucrazon, Alexy was the Founder of NMC, a major industry participant since 1997. Alexy Pitt developed technology such as payment gateways, electronic gift card platforms and specialized reporting systems that allowed NMC to become one of the largest Merchant Service Providers for Concord EFS utilizing BYPASS Front End, Concord Front End and Back End, as well as FDC platforms.

Under Alexy's leadership, NMC's revenue grew to $1.2+ billion porfolio, providing services to Baja Fresh, McDonalds, Burger King, MonaVie and other major corporations. In April 2008, Alexy left NMC to pursue a new strategic direction focusing on Ecommerce.

As the payment processing industry evolved, merchants developed complicated processing needs and requirements that demanded immediate innovation. In order to pursue its unique strategy and to differentiate itself from the competition, Alexy developed a number of products, with the Patent Pending Technology, that are integrated into one core platform providing clients with a total Ecommerce and payment processing solution.

Patent filed for "Ecommerce Multi-Functionality Webstore, Integrated Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway with Instant Merchant Account Activation" with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)



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