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5 of the Best Chrome Extensions
A list of the 5 best Chrome browser extensions/addons worth using courtesy of The Next Web. As a sidenote: only install Chrome extensi... read more
Alexy Pitt, Alex Pitt - Response Towards Industry Rumors Q&A
Updated: September 25, 2014 The following Q&A format serves to address online rumors about myself.  ... read more
America's Business Secrets, Infrastructure, and Wealth Affected by Cybercrime
"It is fundamentally important that the American private sector wake up to the fact that dozens of countries -- including China -- are... read more
Obama on Cybercrime
In his State of the Union address, President Obama decides to take matters into his own hands on a cybersecurity bill. ... read more


A list of the 5 best Chrome browser extensions/addons worth using courtesy of The Next Web. As a sidenote: only install Chrome extensions that you feel confident in trusting. Productivity: 1. Checker Plus for Gmail If you want desktop notifications, including support for multiple accounts and replying/reading/starring/deleting messages directly from the drop-down extension icon, this is the app for you. There are also advanced features but require a donation. However, the free cor..
By now, everyone should know that having a website for your business is crucial. Customers are pre-screening you via your website and judging you from a first impression.  That's why it's important to regularly audit your site for critical obstacles that may be hindering your sales. Here are 5 Website Areas You Need to Audit via SmallBiz Trends.  Alexy Pitt Founder & CEO ..
Microsoft is claiming that Google refuses to give YouTube's "metadata" (which includes video categories, favorites, ratings etc) for their Windows Phone OS usage because Bing is the second-largest search engine in the U.S.  A source from Google is saying that it doesn't make sense to create an app for every mobile OS, especially when the Windows Phone made up less than 3% of the market last year. Read more about Microsoft to Google: Play Fair with YouTube here. Alexy Pitt F..
With all the new technologies and increasing Internet usage on tablets/mobile devices, it's time to learn more on how to protect yourself from identity theft.  Today's new threats include targeting medical records, online banking sites, finances and more. For a limited time on Amazon, download a free Kindle book - 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age. Be sure it says $0 before downloading as Amazon tends to change their pricing often. Alexy Pitt Founder &am..
A great article by Engadget combining all the biggest moments of tech in 2012.  Read 2012 Year in Tech here Alexy Pitt Founder & CEO   ..
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